HCIBS on air: Social capital and the R.O.I. of Social Media

In November 20112 Gerrit Heijkoop visited EIBTM in Barcelona. Samuel Smith talked to him about trial on error on Social Media, building a social capital and the Return on Investment (R.O.I.) of Social media.

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Sam Smith: All right, so, we’ve learned how to listen. We’ve learned how to share and give away our knowledge and not our gold, but then these other things that multiply back, our network, whatever. But what’s the third tip?

Gerrit Heijkoop: The third tip is to just start doing it and enjoy it.

Sam: Have fun.

Gerrit: Exactly. The stuff with technology is, remember how you learned how to ride a bike. Remember how you learned to play with Lego. It’s not because you read it in a book and then stepped on it, it’s because you started playing, fooling around with it in the backyard, fall off your bike, built something ugly with the Lego. Just by doing it, you got the hang of it. That’s with social media is, the same thing. There are more and more books, but you’re not going to learn it from the book. You need to start pushing buttons. You need to see what happens and experiment.

Sam: I agree with everything that you’ve said and I buy into the sharing and all of that. But for some of these folks out here, this could be a little “Kumbaya,” right? “Oh, I’m not into that.” Because we’re talking to event organizers or hoteliers or destinations, and they’re thinking, “how do I build my list?” “How do I put someone in the marketing funnel?” “How do I turn these people into revenue?” “How do I turn all this social media into cash?” Can you help me take it a step further? It’s not about what they would do different. But it’s how do they measure it, and how do they take this conversations and then put people into the marketing funnel, which then can become part of the sales funnel or sales channel. Do you have any strategies for that?

Gerrit: Yeah, certainly. The part I’m just describing is not about the list. Well, the list could be a result. The reason why I want to do business with your destination, with your hotel is first of all, because it’s a good product. That’s the basis of everything, right? But let’s say we all have good products. From there on, it’s about, because you’re fun to work with. You’re a good guy. You’re good to have in the Network. You’re a valuable person in my network. How it gets to the sales funnel? It starts with being there. That is “Kumbaya.” That is trusting the kosmos. That is believing in doing good, sharing, and creating a stronger network around you.

But then, at one day, you have a question. You throw it to the network. The network will start working for you. Or if you know that I’m a valuable person in your network, I got a hotel and I sell rooms, and you talk to someone here at the fair or somewhere, anywhere, somewhere back in the U.S., who is looking for a nice hotel in Amsterdam, where I happen to be in?

I’m going to be top of mind. Like, “Hey, wait a minute. You’re looking for a hotel in Amsterdam? Just talk to Gerrit.” Then, they go into the funnel.

Sam: If I were to summarize this, what I heard was two things from you. If you’re out there and you’re wondering, how do I translate all this into revenue? Rather than just being another element in the RFP process, you are differentiating yourself. You’re not only differentiating yourself with direct people in your circle, but with the other people who know you and appreciate you. You might have 600 friends. But your other friend might have 600 friends.

Gerrit: It’s the second degree network.

Sam: That’s where it creates power, because they say, “Oh, I know Gerrit. He’s a great person. He does these five things really well, and that’s where he excels. You should call him.” That’s where you create the value. That’s excellent advice for anyone who’s out there.


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