HCIBS Products & Services

Educational Content: Seminars & Training

We provide keynote speakers, seminars, workshops and training for the following topics:

  • Social Media and online networking (for beginners and advanced users)
  • Innovation and technology for meetings, conferences and events
  • Creative design

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Development of online strategy & creative concepts

We develop and implement your strategy for using social networks and online technology in an efficient way for your organisation’s purpose. We also help you find and characterize your target audience and plan online campaigns.

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Improvement of corporate & online identity

We design and implement your corporate identity (name, logo, visuals etc.) for your website and your Social Media channels. A good corporate identity improves your online search results and increases your recognition value.

Content production & storytelling

We produce visual and written content for your website and Social Media channels. You can also hire us as live social media moderators/reporters and online hosts for hybrid events.

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Implementation of interactive technology

We offer various tools for meetings and events like digital program information, Twitter screens and audience polling. Furthermore we help you implement and apply social widgets and custom apps.

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