HCIBS Social Inspiration

We understand that you want to be lead by example. That’s why we provide instant inspiration with lectures, workshops and a pile of case casestudies and examples.

Social Lectures & Workshops

We can create a specific lecture or workshop for your needs, audience and situation. From 20 minutes to 3 days and anything in between.

Use the contact details on the right and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your project. Or watch some video’s first to get a feeling of our style of communication and our vision on the subject.

Social Cases & Examples

Social Media and Social Networking means learning by doing. However, why would you have to re-invent the wheel? That is why we are compiling a large body of casestudies and examples. Check our blog for inspiration!

New! HCIBS open training (NL only)

How Can I Be Social (HCIBS) biedt nu ook open trainingen Social Media aan. De inhoud van deze trainingen is specifiek gericht op:

  • eventmanagers en evenementenbureaus,
  • toeleveranciers aan de evenementen en congres industrie en
  • medewerkers van evenementen locaties.

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