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In November 2011 Gerrit Heijkoop visited EIBTM in Barcelona. For Samuel Smith he presented some helpful to tips for getting started on Social Media. Learn about listening, helping each other and #Daretoask.

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Sam Smith: Now I live in the United States. I used to live in Europe, now I’m living in the United States. Networking is much different in the United States than it is in Europe. Help me understand. What can the folks at home do to get ready for a social networking mindset online? Is there kind of a three tips, or an easy thing that we can do, or is it going to be a hard evolution that we have to go through?

Gerrit Heijkoop: Well, it might be hard. But I think I can boil it down to three important tips.
If you say the objective is not to gather as much followers, or listeners, but the objectives, or the metric, that we’re trying to score on is conversations, then I think the first key to starting a conversation, a relevant conversation, is listening.

Sam: Yep.

Gerrit: That should be fairly easy. That should mean just go on these profiles. Get your profiles up. Don’t do anything. Just find the people who are on there that you already know. Throw your email addresses at it and Twitter will tell you who of your connections are on Twitter. Facebook does the same. LinkedIn does the same. Just start listening to what these people are talking about, what their topics are, what their issues are, what their questions are. Very easy.

Sam: Right. Real quick, though. Hold on, this listening thing. Let’s just be real clear for the folks at home because…
I’ve been tweeting for a couple years now and I’ve sent over 6000 tweets. I forget what it was like that first time I sent that first tweet. Is your advice to send tweets? When should you do that first tweet? Do you listen in all the social networks the same way?

Gerrit Heijkoop: The starting on Twitter phase is a bit awkward. [further transcript at Twitter video]

Step two is, if you listen and you see questions, start answering them. In the Netherlands, we have a very, very famous or Twitter thing going on, it’s called #daretoask (#durftevragen). It’s actually a hashtag, it’s very famous.
It started with a few guys who noticed. Networking is very strong, there’s a lot of social capital around you, a lot of knowledge, a lot of connections. But your network cannot help you if you don’t ask what you need. If you don’t make explicit that you’re looking for a specific venue, or that you’re struggling with a specific challenge, or that you want more information or how to get started with hybrid events, if you don’t tweet that, people won’t be able to help you.

Sam Smith: You mean, they can’t read your mind digitally?

Gerrit: Exactly. Still, they cannot read your mind as they cannot in real life, they cannot online, either. I was brought up in a little farmer’s village, and I got a little farmer’s knowledge there. That says, you cannot harvest before you sow. If we go online freshly new and we start asking questions, there’s little chance that we get a lot of answers, because the people out there are not just there sitting ready to answer your questions.
You should start sowing by answering questions yourself, and that’s why there’s the connection with the listening. If you listen keenly on questions in your network, and you start to answer them, and that’s what I then call, as a parallel to the #daretoask, that’s what I call Dare to Give.

Then, you start creating value for your network, you start to become a valuable person in your network, and people are hardwired to repay you.


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