HCIBS on air: the power of mobile studios

In May 2012 Gerrit Heijkoop visited IMEX Frankfurt as part of the IMEX Social Team. Together with Ruud Janssen he explores how events and conferences can benefit from mobile studios.

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Ruud Janssen: So tell us because from the cameras, our viewers see quite a bit of what’s going on here, but where are we and what’s surrounding us that they don’t see because…

Gerrit Heijkoop: Yeah.

Ruud: That’s what they’re missing not being live, right?
Gerrit: Exactly. Exactly. Because you always see this very nice backdrop.
Ruud: Yeah.
Gerrit: And we must say, if you watch these videos a lot, you might have seen me and Ruud in this video shops a lot because we really like this video booth. This is a really…
Ruud: Ah so now we get the high angle…
Gerrit: Oh we get the…
Ruud: The apparatus.
Gerrit: As you can see, we are in the middle of the show floor in this nice little mobile studio supported by Abbit Meeting Support.
Ruud: And you’re taking a pan actually from the left hand side of the room all the way to your right hand side.
Gerrit: This is to our right side.
Ruud: And so you get to see what’s happening in the alleys and you see the buzz, right?
Gerrit: Yeah. Yeah.
Ruud: It’s like a bird’s eye view of the show.
Gerrit: Yeah. And the fun thing is if we now take this back to our audience, you’re now sitting at your laptop, at your office, at home, anywhere, looking at these guys sitting in the middle of a show floor.
Ruud: Yeah.
Gerrit: And what I like is, we all know that this content…you need to get…to capture content at the event, right? And this is such a nice moveable, ready to go setup to capture…I mean, now it’s us in here, which can be relevant or not, you decide. Like it, share it, if you do, but this can be your speakers.
Ruud: Yeah.
Gerrit: This can be your association opinion leaders, just making quick interviews, shareable, great content.
Ruud: So we’ve got 20/30 square meters, we’ve got…
Gerrit: Not even…
Ruud: Technicians…
Gerrit: Yeah, yeah.
Ruud: …that are streaming out the technology. We’ve got some lighting, but it provides a moment in the spotlight for those that you want to highlight at your events, right.
Gerrit: Exactly.
Ruud: Yeah. Allows you sponsorship to work with you. I think the format in itself has become almost now a point of meeting for a lot of people.
Gerrit: Yeah.
Ruud: At the tradeshow floor, right.
Gerrit: See you at the mobile studio, yeah.
Ruud: See you at the mobile studio.
Gerrit: Yeah, yeah.
Ruud: People may set up appointments, have conversations, sense what’s new, and this is the buzz corner to capture that and bottle it, correct?
Gerrit: Yeah, and this content will go online and be the buzz for the next event or for Fresh or for whatever we would be talking about. Yeah.
Ruud: Cool.


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