HCIBS on air: how Social Media generate value for events

In May 2012 Gerrit Heijkoop visited IMEX in Frankfurt as part of the IMEX Social Team. Ruud Janssen talked to him about way in which Social Media can generate value for events.

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Ruud Janssen: Hi, good afternoon and welcome back to IMEX tv. A familiar face, Gerrit Heijkoop. Now, something is happening in the cloud there, isn’t there?

Heijkoop: There is something new in the cloud. This is the official shirt of the IMEX social team. Follow on Twitter at via @imexsocialteam. And we are here in two functions, we are reporting live from the show floor doing meets and tweets, sharing pictures with people who cannot attend or want to look back later at what it was like. And we are also physically on the show floor helping people with their questions about Twitter, social media, this #IMEX 12. What is it? What happens if I do something with that?

Janssen: OK, so when you look at what is coming out of that and what you are putting into that what is the buzz conversation? What are the three topics that you see addressed?

Heijkoop: Well, up until now it is mainly the excitement that the show is starting. I mean we are only like four or five hours on the ways. So a lot of people buzzing on my way to IMEX Frankfort, now walking in, the show has started, looking really nice. It is pre show excitement, mainly. And we are throwing in some nice pictures. We covered the opening address, we covered some fun education sessions, and well I guess we are starting today.

Janssen: Let me ask you, where do you get your inspiration for doing some of the stuff that you do with your business?

Heijkoop: Well, for me I guess it is quite a unique perspective. Because as I told, I am on the show floor to help other people getting started. And I really love that, like the people who have this kind of a cold water fear. “Ooh, Twitter. Ooh, online. Ooh, social media. Why should I do that? Oh man, I prefer face to face meetings.” And just having that conversation, showing the other side, showing the potential benefits. But also really practical, showing them how it is done and why it is so much fun and then the reward with the smile on their face. Like, “oh this is cool. Oh, I see a tweet of that. I know him is he on Twitter too?”

Janssen: So let me ask you, I tend to remember things like when I first signed on, or who motivated me to create my profile on LinkedIn. Like my first touch points to who pointed something out to me. You pointed Path out to me for instance. And I remember those things, right? That is a very powerful connection to make isn’t it?

Heijkoop: Yeah, it is really, and I am going to repeat myself in this chair, but it is really about what I call dare to give. So it is so much fun to share your knowledge, to share your vision, and to help other people to take those little steps that I’ve been able to make already. And I don’t say that I know all the answers, I mean I’m in real time experimenting as well with all this stuff. But that is fun to share and to learn and really practical tips and tricks. But also on a very fundamental conceptual level the fact that for the first time ever communication is no longer about push. You know, this whole online technology social media is about pull. And you can see that by the fact that it is about liking and following. So if I don’t like your brand, if I don’t follow your brand you are not on my attention. And that requires a whole different approach. It’s not about putting the image out there, the branding, sending the message repeating. But it is about making a true connection and I find that very interesting…


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